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Pharmacy Services

Mail Order Frequently Asked Questions

Is mail order mandatory?

No, while we still believe there are many benefits to mail order prescription drug fulfillment; our members have made it clear to us that they would prefer mail order as an option and that it not be mandated. Members are encouraged to take advantage of this benefit for the following reasons:

  • Cost savings – For most members, you will pay 2x the 30 day copay for the 90 day supply, enjoying the cost savings of one month supply (HSA plans may differ, please review your plan documents)
  • Convenience – Delivered to the address of your choice. You can fill prescriptions by mail, phone, fax or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For long-term prescriptions that you need to start right away, ask your provider to write two prescriptions. The first can be filled immediately at a retail network pharmacy for a month supply and the other can be sent to the Maxor mail-order pharmacy.
  • Safety – If you are taking multiple medications on a regular basis, the participating pharmacy tracks your medication: prescription strength, dosage and potential interactions are checked against your medication profile each time the prescription is processed.

How do I get started with Maxor Mail Order Pharmacy (MXP Pharmacy)?

  • After the mail order account is set up,  members need to contact their prescriber to get a 90-day prescription for the medications you would like to be filled at MXP Pharmacy.
    • The prescriber can electronically send “e-prescribe” the prescription to MXP Pharmacy or fax it in to 866-589-7656. In addition, prescribers may call in the prescription over the phone to MXP Pharmacy at 800-687-8629
  • Members are encouraged to check the status of their prescriptions with MXP Pharmacy 10-14 days prior to running out of their medication to ensure the pharmacy has received the prescription from the prescriber and the refill is ready to be processed and shipped.
  • After the initial fill members can opt to set their prescriptions up on auto-refill.

How do I transfer my prescriptions?

  • From a local retail location to mail order:
    • MXP Pharmacy does not offer the option to initiate a transfer from a local retail location
  • From mail order (MXP Pharmacy) to a local retail location?
    • The local in-network retail pharmacy can call MXP Pharmacy to transfer a prescription from MXP pharmacy to their location. Members should contact the local retail pharmacy location where they want the prescription filled and that pharmacy would need to contact MXP pharmacy at 800-687-8629.

How will my prescription order be mailed to me?

  • Your medications are generally delivered via first-class mail by the US Postal Service.
  • We offer expedited shipping through UPS or FedEx for an additional fee. Please note that UPS or FedEx requires a physical address and will not deliver to PO Boxes.
  • Refrigerated medications, such as insulin, are shipped UPS or FedEx overnight at no additional cost to you.

How long does it take to receive my prescriptions?

  • You should receive your medication within five business days from the time MXP Pharmacy receives and processes your prescription. Note: It may take longer to receive your order if a prescription requires intervention (i.e. prior authorization).

How is packaging set up to handle extreme cold/hot temperatures?

  • We package all refrigerated meds in special packaging (styrofoam and cardboard inserts) with predetermined requirements for the number of ice packs for the box size. (Minimum 4 ice packs up to 6 for the large boxes) They are all shipped overnight. High cost drugs (> $1,000) require shipping arrangements with the patient ahead of time to either set up as a signature required or signature waived.
  • Non-refrigerated meds do not ship with any special packaging unless otherwise requested by the patient and approved ahead of time.

Do we/have we ever sent out test packages to test these scenarios to different locations?

  • Yes, a third party packaging expert designed, tested, and outlined our process and procedures for packaging. In addition, our URAC certification requires annual testing.

How are prescription shipping, tracking, and lost orders handled?

  • Orders are shipped to the address of the patient’s choice and can include PO Boxes, Home Addresses, Work Addresses, Vacation Addresses, etc.
  • All orders that ship are trackable by Maxor Pharmacy up until the time of delivery.
  • If a patient calls to state they have not received an order, MXP will track the package:
    • If the package shows, it has not been delivered and the patient states he/she is out of medication, MXP will ship a 2 week supply to allow for additional time for the order to be delivered so as not to disrupt the patient’s therapy.
    • If the package shows it has been delivered by the carrier service, MXP will replace the order on a one-time basis.
    • If the patient has a second instance of not receiving a package that shows it has been delivered, the subsequent fills will be subject to the lost prescription parameters available from the patient’s prescription plan.