Behavioral Health Services


Due to the increased strain on the entire medical system with the COVID-19 situation and the need to conserve and direct limited services to those experiencing the most critical need, please note the below guidance on access to services during this crisis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical and or mental health emergency that is life threatening, dial 911 immediately.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis that you believe may be potentially life threatening, please contact one of the resources below:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
  • Crisis Support Services: 775-784-8090
  • Crisis Text Line text “HOME” to 74174


If you are experiencing mental health symptoms that are distressing to you and are creating significant impact on your daily functioning, please call Innovative Managed Behavioral Health at 775-234-3864 (available 24/7) to speak with someone to determine if you could benefit from scheduling a teletherapy appointment with a provider. Their fax number is 775-237-0830.