Hometown Health Member Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated Thursday, January 13, 2022
Q: I have not yet received my new 2022 Identification Card, when should I expect to receive it?
A: We are updating Hometown Health’s claims payment system to improve the service we provide to our valued members. Starting in 2022, all Hometown Health and Senior Care Plus members have a new member number for the updated claims payment system. Because all members have been issued a new number, updated member ID cards are being processed and expected to arrive in mailboxes by the end of January.  In the meantime, you can view your new ID card and updated member number through MyChart. To learn more about MyChart please visit the MyChart page on our website.
Q: The premium payment process has changed, what is the best way to pay my monthly premium?
A: If you are an employer group wishing to pay 2022 premiums, please follow the steps listed on our Employer Group premium payment page.   If you are an individual wishing to pay your 2022 premiums, please visit our Individual & Family premium payment page and follow the steps listed.
Q: Where can I find the pharmacy and prescription drug information related to my coverage?
Our new and improved claims payment system has created new pharmacy information for many of our members.  Please review the 2022 Pharmacy Information document to see the new 2022 Pharmacy Information for your particular plan. Your pharmacy may require your 2021 ID card number to process prescriptions.

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