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Pharmacy Services

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We encourage you to simplify your transition to our pharmacy benefits by ensuring your current medications are covered on your prescription plan. Hometown Health strives to provide a wide list of covered medications to serve our members’ needs.

Check the Hometown Health Formulary

Our formulary (list of covered drugs) may vary from your previous insurance company and we encourage you to visit our formulary page and select the formulary that corresponds to your insurance plan.

Renown Pharmacist

Fill Your Prescription

HometownRx offers a wide variety of network retail pharmacies and a network mail service pharmacy.

  • Using a Network Retail Pharmacy
    • The Hometown Health pharmacy network includes chain pharmacies and other local community pharmacies. You may obtain 30 or 90-day prescriptions from the network retail pharmacies. Find out if a pharmacy is in our network using our Pharmacy Directory.
  • Using a Network Mail Service Pharmacy
    • Hometown Health encourages the use of the mail service pharmacy for maintenance medications. You may also save money on your copayment(s), and there is no charge for delivery. Learn more about our in-network mail order pharmacy services here.

Don’t Have Your Insurance Card Yet?

In order for the pharmacy to bill your prescriptions, they will need the following information from your insurance card:


Member Number: This is specific to each member
BIN: 019059
PCN: 07570000
Group: HTH


Member Number: This is specific to each member
BIN: 610011
Group: This is specific to each member

  • How to Get More Information
    • Hometown Health has a member portal called MyChart. When signing into the member portal, you can access your specific plan document and the following: claim history, drug pricing, pharmacy locator, and drug information.