Specialty Pharmacy

Optum Rx

Treating Complex & Chronic Conditions

Specialty medications are used to treat complex or chronic conditions that usually require close monitoring and special handling. Prior authorization is required for specialty medications, including self-administered injectable. Members prescribed specialty medications are required to fill the medication at one of our In-Network Specialty pharmacy listed below. Renown Employees must use Renown Pharmacy for Specialty Medications.

Renown Pharmacy Contact Information

Phone: 775-982-5280

For more information visit: renown.org/health-services/pharmacy

Optum Rx Contact Information

Phone: 855-427-4682
Fax: 877-342-4596

For more information visit: specialty.optumrx.com

Steps to getting set up with Optum Pharmacy

  1. Call Optum and set up your account.
  2. Have your physician call or fax your prescription to Optum Pharmacy.
  3. Confirm with Hometown Health that your prescription has been approved by obtaining a prior authorization.

Optum Specialty Pharmacy provides convenient mail delivery of specialty medications, as well as access to personalized, supportive, and clinically effective pharmaceutical care. If you are not sure if your medication is a specialty medication reach out to our pharmacy support team with your questions.