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Vision benefits have perks beyond helping with vision correction. With a comprehensive vision exam, it’s easier to find serious eye and general health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, glaucoma and cataracts sooner. With a clear view of blood vessels, arteries and nerves, our eyes give doctors a unique window into the human body and insights into our overall health. This, along with the fact that the average person is 4 times more likely to receive an eye exam than a physical shows just how important vision care can be.
When employees benefit, so do employers. With early diagnosis, conditions can be treated more quickly – and more cost effectively – leading to happier, healthier employees and lower healthcare expenses. When you take care of your employees’ overall health with vision benefits, everyone wins.
For most Hometown Health members, vision benefits are administered by EyeMed Vision Care through the Access Network.
Hometown Health members have access to vision retail locations including Lens Crafters, Pearl Vision, JC Penney Optical, Target Optical and Sears Optical.
If you have questions regarding your EyeMed vision benefits, you can call EyeMed directly at 1-844-261-9033 or you can access information about their benefits through If you would like to add vision to your health benefits, please contact your Sales & Retention Account Manager by emailing them directly or by calling 775-982-3100.
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**Vision benefits can only be added during the open enrollment period of new & renewing groups.**
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