Employee Benefits Management Portal: Link

For Employers

New Employee Benefits Management Portal

The Link portal allows employer groups and human resources benefits managers to manage the online enrollment process for their employees and review key information and metrics.

How to Register

Please reach out via email at AccountManagersHTH-HometownHealth@hometownhealth.com or call (775) 982-3100 for the Sales team.

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For Employer Groups and HR Managers

Employers and HR managers will use Link to manage the online enrollment process for their employees. Link also allows view:

  • Member enrollment information
  • Customer Relationship Management tool to send and receive messages regarding plan administrations
  • Invoice viewing, downloading and paying

Our Secure Web Portal

The Link portal facilitates secure communication between Hometown Health and our providers and our employer groups.  Link is a secure web portal used to grant providers and their staff access to referrals, claims and enrollment information for their patients. It also allows employer groups to manager their employee benefit

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