Member Rights and Responsibilities​

Member Service & Support

As a member of Hometown Health, you have certain Member Rights and Responsibilities that, when exercised, assist us in providing access to your benefits in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
As a member, you have a right:
  • To be treated in a manner that respects your privacy and dignity as a person and to receive assistance in a prompt, courteous, and responsible manner.
  • To affordable, comprehensive care that provides the value you expect and contributes to your peace of mind, which is essential to good health.
  • To a choice of physicians who meet high standards of professional training and experience, because informed choices and the freedom to select physicians are essential to building active partnerships between members and providers.
  • To be informed about how to obtain a referral for specialty care and how to obtain after-hours and emergency care inside and outside of your local area.
  • To be provided with information about the providers who deliver your health-care and about your health-care benefits. You need to know any exclusions and limitations associated with the plan and any charges for which your will be held responsible.
  • To complete and easily understand information about the costs of your coverage or any changes that may affect your coverage.
Read the complete list of Member Rights and Responsibilities here.