Member Rights and Responsibilities

Member Service & Support

We encourage members to speak to their employer about any specific membership requirements for dependent eligibility. If you have additional questions about membership and dependent eligibility, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Newborn Child

You and your employer must submit a completed member application add/change form to Hometown Health within 30 days of birth to add your newborn child to your policy. For fully insured groups, Hometown Health will continue coverage for 31 days from birth. Please note: Hometown Health does not send out notification of this process; it is your responsibility as a member to contact your employer to add your newborn to your policy within the 31-day period from the date of birth.


You and your employer must submit a completed member application add/change form and a copy of the appropriate legal documentation to Hometown Health within 30 days of the event. If a child is adopted or placed for adoption, coverage will start on the date that the adoption becomes effective according to Nevada law or from the moment of placement in the member’s home subject to certification by the placing agency.

Dependent Coverage

Dependents may be covered up to age 26.

Dependents with Different Last Names

If you are adding a dependent with a last name that is different from that of the subscriber, you will be required to submit proof that your dependent is eligible as defined by Hometown Health and your employer.

Add/Change Forms

You must present the add/change form to your employer for appropriate signatures. Hometown Health must accept the form directly from the employer.

Medical Assessment Form

If your employer has fewer than 51 employees enrolled with Hometown Health, you may be required to complete a medical assessment form before coverage can take effect.